3d printed accessories

Quality 3D Printed Accessories

Manufacturing 3D Printing Accessories is a shortcut taking a
product from prototype to market launch.

The Way We Make
Accessories Today

We heard you. It’s scary how things are fast paced today. Don’t fret and don’t
let supplier contracts and canvassing slow you down. 3D printed accessories are
the norm to transform your unique design to an awesome product.

Why 3D Print with MakerCarl?

We guarantee to create your 3D printed accessories in the highest quality possible.
We have been in the business for 10 years and have served many individuals,
companies, and organizations.

Our experience in the industry is something that can never go wrong. So, share your
ideas with us today, and let’s see how we can help you!


What are 3D Printed Accessories?

These are the items that are specially created to make an object more functional, complete,
versatile, or attractive. It covers a wide range of industries as many businesses are in need
of accessories may it be for cars, kitchenware, or fashion. The process of creating these
accessories is through 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

What are the Types of Accessories that I Can 3D Print?

You might be wondering what kinds of accessories you can 3D print? Truth is, there is a
wide range of 3D printed accessories you can create with MakerCarl’s 3D services, and
here are just some of them:

  • 3D printed car accessories
  • 3D printed fashion accessories
  • 3D printed pet accessories
  • 3D printed lego accessories
  • 3D printed motorcycle accessories
  • 3D printed doll accessories
  • 3D printed camera accessories
  • 3D printed switch accessories

Have other types of accessories you want to 3D print? Talk to our representatives and
see how we can help you get the 3D printed accessories you need.

What are 3D Printed Accessories?

The price of 3D printed accessories is no secret to many. It can be affected by many
factors such as the following:

1. Type of Accessories - It is important to know the type of accessory to determine the details
of the project.

2. Dimension and Complexity of Details - This will help us determine how much material and
effort we need to work on the project.

3. Revision - Before printing, we always ensure to get overall approval from the client. Want
to change some details on your project? We got you. We allow up to 3 revisions per item.
Additional changes may be subject to extra charge.

4. Turnaround Time - In creating an item, we set a duration of two weeks per project. No
need to worry if you need it the soonest as we can make yours a priority, however, we
require an additional fee for rush items.

What Are Your Payment Terms and Modes?

To start your project with MakerCarl’s 3D services, we require a 70% down payment.
This is to ensure that the client is interested in pursuing our services. Once you have
provided proof of payment, we will work on your item as soon as possible.

Pay through various modes: GCash, Credit Card, Bank Deposit, BDO Payments