30 3D Printed Gift Ideas For All Occasions

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing

Are you still looking for a unique gift that you can't find anywhere else? 3D printing has got you covered. We curated the best 3D printed gift ideas with free to low-cost downloadable files.

Browse this list and get inspiration. Once you know what you're looking for, send us the file for printing. You can also send some references and tell us how you like it done so we can create its 3D model.

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Whoever your lucky recipient is, there’s always a 3D printed gift waiting for them! Click any of the options below to jump right into the gift ideas for your special someone:

All-Time Favorite 3D Printed Gifts

These top 3 3D printed gifts are the all-time favorite at MakerCarl. They’re highly customized and perfect for whoever your recipient is.

  1. Bobbleheads and Mini-Mes

  2. Make your loved ones feel more special by giving them a bobblehead. You can add any details about them to the design so they’ll feel more connected to your gift.

  3. Custom Pop

  4. Custom pops are perfect for your collector friend or any member who adores cutesy items.

  5. 3D Printed Toys

  6. If you know any gamers and anime fans, these 3D printed toys deserve the best spot in their display cabinet.

    Note: We personalize these types of 3D printed gifts, the reason why we did not provide ready-to-download files. We create the designs based on the images and references you provide, making these items more rare and special.

3D Printed Gifts for Girlfriend

Take a look at these gift ideas your girlfriend may like.

  1. A lithophane of your best photos together

  2. Let your sentimental side in the open by giving your girlfriend this 3D-printed lithophane. Send us your best photos and we’ll take care of the rest.

  3. Jewelry tree to organize your girlfriend’s ornaments

  4. Jewelry spices up fashion. This jewelry tree organizer is best for keeping your girlfriend’s ornaments in a single and easy-to-access place.

  5. Minimalist wall decorations

  6. If your girlfriend likes to improve her living space, minimalist wall decoration can be the perfect gift for her.

    You can also browse for more design inspirations here.

  7. Chibi figurines of your girlfriend’s k-pop idols

  8. Any fangirl can’t resist receiving a charming chibi version of their idols! Give your girlfriend a personalized chibi version of the artist she admires. We bet she’ll like it in a heartbeat (and fall in love with you even more!)

  9. This nifty bookend to add some style to your beloved’s book collection

  10. Books look beautiful to the eyes of a booklover. Give this nifty and elegant-looking bookend to your girlfriend to add more life to her book collection.

    Even if your girlfriend’s primary love language isn’t receiving gifts, we’re sure she’ll appreciate receiving a gift you’ve prepared for her alone. It’s the thought that matters. And most of all, make sure to be available for her during her special day. Gifts may sound good, but your presence will be the most important for her.

3D Printed Gifts for Boyfriend

Are you looking for a personalized 3D printed gift your man would love? Check out these gift inspirations.

  1. Customized action figures

  2. Toys and action figures are prized possessions for collectors and anime enthusiasts. If your boyfriend is one of them, these action figures are perfect gifts.

    Here’s a file you can download for free: Low-Poly Bulbasaur

    You can also send us your peg and other design directions. Our team of artists will take care of the modeling, printing, and painting processes.

  3. 3D printed bicycle components

  4. Bike upgrades enhance a biker’s riding experience. Even a little change can make a big difference, especially if it’s made based on your man’s unique biking needs. Check out these bicycle components you can 3D print right now.

  5. Genshin Impact keycaps

  6. If your boyfriend plays Genshin Impact, these cool keycaps are the perfect gift for him!

    You can also choose other keycaps designs such as this Avengers keycap and DBZ Shenron mechanical keyboard cherry keycap.

  7. Camping and backpacking accessories

  8. These must-have hiking essentials are practical options for a boyfriend who loves camping and mountaineering.

    • Fishing pole - this equipment is best for downtime at the cap or when your boyfriend simply wants to catch fish for dinner.

    • Water filter - a 3-stage water filter that removes sediments, impurities, some pathogens, and other impurities.

    • Tent stake - a camping accessory to hold the tent down in place, especially during windy or rainy seasons.

  9. Car accessories and spare parts

  10. Books look beautiful to the eyes of a booklover. Give this nifty and elegant-looking bookend to your girlfriend to add more life to her book collection.

    As long as your gift is practical and based on your boyfriend’s interest, he would surely appreciate it. After all, it’s from you.

3D Printed Gifts for Wife

There’s always something new you can give to your wife even after several years of living together. Here are some.

  1. 3D printed jewelry

  2. These pieces of jewelry might be her next favorite items from her collection.

  3. Candleholder

  4. You can also give your wife a functional and stylish candleholder for her scented candle hauls. Check out these sophisticated and modular holders.

  5. Gardening tools and accessories

  6. Spoil the plantita (plant lover) side of your wife with these 3D printed gardening tools and accessories.

  7. Kitchen accessories

  8. Upgrade the look of your wife’s kitchen with these 3D printed accessories.

3D Printed Gifts for Husband

Here are some 3D-printed gift ideas for your husband. You can also refer above for more references.

  1. Wine holder

  2. This wine holder will keep your husband’s most-prized wine collection.

  3. Proteus key holder

  4. For a husband who always misplaces or loses his keys.

  5. Small items organizer

  6. If your husband likes to organize his things, this organizer might be the ideal gift for him.

  7. 3D printer

  8. A 3D printer can also be a great gift for your husband, especially if he’s interested in 3D printing technology. The good news is you can get a return on investment from this if both of you decide to turn it into a business.

    Here’s a shop from Manila that sells quality 3D printers.

3D Printed Gifts for Mom

Surprise your mom with these 3D printed gifts.

  1. Mother and child 3D printed sculpture

  2. To celebrate your mother’s love, you can give her a sculpture capturing a special moment you have with her. Take a look at this example.

    Using your actual image as a reference will make your gift more special. At MakerCarl, we customize sculptures based on your preference. We also do the sanding and painting to make your item cleaner and prettier.

  3. Lithophane lamp

  4. Print out your family photo in a lamp that your mother can look at before she goes to bed.

  5. Origami rose wall art

  6. Aside from fresh flowers, this origami rose wall art will add more personality to your mother’s home.

3D Printed Gifts for Dad

Check out these 3D printed gifts you can prepare for your father.

  1. World’s best dad desk sign.

  2. Remind your dad that he’s the father ever by giving him this desk sign

  3. Impossible dovetail box

  4. This dovetail box can hold your dad’s tools and other items he had. It comes with a twist though — it looks impossible to open. But as we know it, dads don’t back away from a challenge. Ask him to open it, who knows? It may even turn into a random bonding session between the two of you.

  5. Trophy sculpture

  6. This beautiful and touching sculpture can evoke the emotions your dad has been keeping in for so long.

3D Printed Teacher Gifts

Here are some of the 3D-printed gifts you can give to your favorite teacher.

  1. 3D printed desk nameplate

  2. Print your favorite teacher’s name using this customizable nameplate CAD model.

  3. Molecular puzzle

  4. This molecular puzzle is best for your Chemistry teacher who asked you to build a molecular model out of clay or styrofoam back in high school.

  5. Backrest

  6. Teachers are either standing up all day for lectures or sitting for long hours to prepare lessons and check papers. The backrest can help alleviate the pain caused by prolonged standing and sitting.

Prepare Your 3D Printed Personalized Gifts with MakerCarl

Have you chosen a file to 3D print? If not, it’s okay. Our artists at MakerCarl will take care of the entire 3D printing process for you.

Let’s get your idea 3D-printed! Talk to us today.