11 Memorable VIP Gift Ideas

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing

Executives are extremely busy people, and granted they pretty much have everything. Giving your VIP gifts can communicate your good intentions.

It is better to plan ahead on what gift you should buy. It could be for a birthday, Christmas, or simply to say thanks. Whatever the occasion is, gifts should be ethical, useful, and special. Moreover, giving them the appropriate gift will make them feel well appreciated.

1. Reed Diffuser

If they are into diffuser oil and scents, this could be a pleasant addition to their home or workspace. Aside from its captivating aroma, it also creates a relaxing ambiance. A good way to destress from everyday work.

  • Aroma Botanical Pear & Ginger Reed Diffuser, $15
  • Alexander Fragrance Pure Caribbean Aromatic Reed Diffuser, $19

2. Plants

Surrounding the home or workspace with plants can have health and wellness benefits. It gives more life, reduces stress, and promotes creativity. Whether they are a nature lover or not, there are different kinds of plants that can suit them.

  • Calathea ‘Medallion’, $30 - Appealing, colorful, and ornate. Can live without water for a week and can thrive for a moderate light. Not that high maintenance.
  • Sansevieria Snake Plant, $47 - Best for someone without any experience with plants. Easy to maintain and doesn’t need monitoring.

3. Grazing Box

If you want to satisfy taste buds, this is the perfect classy gift. Grazing boxes are a feast to the eyes that can spice up any occasion. Here are customized or pre-made grazing boxes.

  • CASED Gifts, $30 for a small box and you can add a bottle of wine for an extra price.
  • La Platteria can cater small to big occasions, ranging from $40 to $110

4. Shot Glass Set

You may add up a shot glass collection for your boss to shoot their spirits. Here are some of the best shot glass sets for every celebration.

5. Coffee or Espresso Machine

Everyone loves coffee. And if they are a coffee addict, you might want to consider giving them a coffee or an espresso machine. This will make their every morning alive.

6. Leather Wallet and Card Holder

Leather goods best suit every executive. Leather wallets or cardholders can perfectly pair their corporate stylish look. Here’s what you can buy.

7. Tea Blends Set

If they are not into coffee but rather a tea lover, you can consider giving them a Tea Blends Set. Teas are very calming and contain antioxidants which are good for health. Check out these tea blends.

8. Game Sets

If they like games and entertainment, this might be the ideal gift for them. They will have a great time playing with their family or colleagues. You might want to check these out.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are plenty of benefits to having a salt lamp at home or office. It helps to ease stress, improves mood, boosts energy, and a lot more. Turn the environment of your boss into a place of relaxation with these salt lamps.

10. Multi-Device Keyboard

Keyboards are a part of a day-to-day task. You can give them this multi-device keyboard to reduce typing fatigue. Also, to have a comfortable typing experience.

11. 3D Mini Me Figurines

If you want to give these executives something fun and personalized, a 3D Mini Me Figurine would be the best choice. 3D Mini Me Figurines can portray the exact copy of them and be placed whether at home or in a workspace. It will surely be a memorable and special gift for them.

MakerCarl is a 3D Printing Company that can produce detailed mini-mes. Handled by our 3D printing experts and painted by our brilliant artists to get the exact copy of the image. Even the smallest details can be captured.

You can also partner with Makercal in producing high-volume projects. Plus, there’s no minimum order quantity. You may send us an image for our reference and we can start building the 3D Mini Me Figurine.


Gift-giving can be challenging especially to Executives and VIPs. It is very important to consider their own personality and be responsible for what to give or not. But, If you plan ahead you can have a favorable outcome and more meaningful gift-giving. Developing stronger connections and healthy relationships between them.